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Saturday, 25 Nov 2017

About Us

We are very proud of our customer services here at Brand Shopping Direct , and feel very confident that it is the excellence of our service that sets us apart from our competition. Our friendly, knowledgeable team ensure that the responsiveness to your emails and instant messenger enquiries remain an absolute priority on a daily basis.

Happy to answer all enquiries about product, delivery and payment methods - our team are also more than happy to answer your sizing concerns (feel free to ask an advisor to measure an item for you), questions about colour, fabric, or anything that helps you make an informed decision about your purchase.

At Mainline we know that getting your order right, and delivered to you on time, is fundamental to the continued success of our business - and the difference between a happy and an unhappy customer.

With this focus on fulfillment in mind, our systems have been built to provide our picking and packing team with all the tools and information they need to smoothly and easily locate your ordered products.

Brandshopping Direct

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